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Golden Courage International improves children’s lives and promotes peace and cross-cultural understanding between the United States and China.


Founded to foster hope, Golden Courage offers programs and services for children living in China who are affected by extreme poverty. Golden Courage works with schools and local communities directly to provide innovative educational experiences and cultural exchange opportunities that nourish inner and outer life. GCI also collaborates with the Chinese government, governmental agencies and village co-op leaders to instill new holistic educational models for children and further efforts to influence others to support the expansion of children’s outreach programs throughout China. In addition, Golden Courage promotes environmental awareness at every opportunity as a means to sustain the health and well-being of our planet and each other. Learn more about our programs.


To cultivate nourishing lives.


For every child to identify and fulfill his/her purpose.


  • Courage to give and to receive (best exemplified by Golden Courage herself)
  • Respect for oneself and for nature
  • Compassion for all
  • Wisdom – The representation of the pure energy of nature
  • Honor

Our Unique Model

Golden Courage has created a unique charitable organization model that is recognized as a non-profit legal entity in both China and the United States. Golden Courage is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the U.S. and one of 10 recognized private charities in China. We serve Chinese youth at the local level while mobilizing national and international resources.


As one of the very few private foundations in China, Golden Courage has total control of its funds and activities. In addition, Golden Courage has direct access to an underserved population of children and easily collaborates with Chinese government agencies, business communities, and local citizens. Since 2004, Golden Courage has received a strong commitment from the Chinese government, which provides in-kind support and matching funds to our programs.

Our Founder & President


Dr. Lu is the founder and president of Golden Courage International. His name, “Dr. Luke,” means “the healer who brings hope.” He was named by the people in central China who received his humanitarian assistance during his doctoral research. In 2005, Dr. Lu established Golden Courage to help the children living in extreme poverty in that region.

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85% of all donations go directly toward services to improve the lives of children. Your financial gift will help strengthen our programs.

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