Collaborators and Supporters

Our collaborators foster hope

Golden Courage International partners with Chinese governmental bureaus and supporters across the United States.

Special thanks to our Chinese partners:

  • Beijing Education Bureau
  • Beijing Municipal Bureau of Afforestation
  • Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture
  • Beijing Municipal Bureau of Land Resources
  • Beijing Municipal Committee of Rural Affairs
  • Beijing Municipal Research Center of Rural Economy
  • Bureau of Internal Affairs
  • Bureau of Foreign Affairs
  • Bureau of National Security
  • Children and Women Service Bureau
  • Department of Culture
  • Department of Education
  • Family Planning Bureau
  • Public Health Bureau
  • Public Safety Bureau
  • Rural Development Bureau
  • Vulnerable Group Service Bureau
  • Yan Qing Agriculture Technology Promotion Stations
  • Yan Qing Bureau of Agriculture
  • Yan Qing County Office of Afforestation
  • Yan Qing Research Institute of Herbal Cultivation

 Special thanks to our supporters from the United States:

  • Aboca
  • Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life Clinic
  • Esperance Family Foundation
  • Foundation Source
  • Gaia Herbs
  • Gretchen Gardner and Joshua Pokempner
  • Irvin Stearn Foundation
  • Kellogg Foundation
  • NSF
  • Pfizer
  • United Way
  • Numerous members of the Ann Arbor, Michigan community