Transforming Children’s Lives

Golden Courage International fosters hope and stewards family and educational environments for children of Chinese culture and gives children opportunities to respect and live a life of community and integrity while developing skills and experiences that truly integrate and nourish body, mind, spirit, and environment.

High school scholarships to impoverished children

High school in China is expensive, beyond the reach of many children. The Great Expectations program has paid for over 500 disadvantaged children, and supported an additional 600 disadvantaged children, to earn a high school degree since 2006, with a 100% college admission rate. Today, the program is serving 120 students annually. Despite unique challenges in childhood, research finds that compared to their classmates, Golden Courage students have higher expectations for their future, are happier and less likely to have negative feelings, and have more positive experiences at school.


Targeted assistance to needy young children

Golden Courage’s One-on-One Help Program has provided a range of support tailored to the needs of children 6-15 years old. Since its creation in 2000, this program has assisted over 3,000 children. In 2010, the Beijing government adopted the model and implemented this program throughout the city of Beijing.



Training teachers in poor rural communities

Since 2009, teachers in rural communities have been trained under the Teacher Training Program. Over 5,000 students have benefited from better trained teachers.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding

Through its Cultural Outreach Program, Golden Courage has sent 5 U.S. delegations to China and 2 Chinese delegations to the U.S. Additionally, English training was provided in 2012 to our partner high school in China by six teachers from the U.S.


Providing safe lodging and nutritious meals to students

Many of our students come from remote areas to attend high school, and they need lodging and nutritious food. We worked with multiple government bureaus and senators to obtain the funding to build a new training center which opened in 2010. Golden Courage’s Training Center provides accommodations for 500 students and includes a cafeteria.

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