Cultural Outreach Program

Connecting China and the U.S.

Golden Courage has led five U.S. delegations to China and two Chinese delegations to the United States.

DSC_0301 With headquarters in both Beijing, China and Ann Arbor, Michigan, Golden Courage International is uniquely positioned to promote peace and a cross-cultural understanding between the United States and China.

Through a variety of programs and activities, Golden Courage connects people and ideas in these two dynamic and powerful countries through programs that require a global perspective and global connections. By allowing citizens of both countries to become more directly involved in international relations, Golden Courage brings long-term benefits to communities in both China and the U.S.

In 2012, Golden Courage established a summer program at a high school outside Beijing to provide intensive English language training and meaningful cultural workshops for students and teachers. The program allows teachers and students from the U.S. and China to have a better understanding of each other’s language and culture.

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